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"Started to teach my son saving with this box, we have finally saved up 10'000$ for our holiday!" - John T., USA



✓ Helps you achieve your goals
✓ Creates saving habit
✓ Reduces useless spending
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Effortless Saving $

This method is called Kakeibo, it has been proven to make people psychologically improve their budgeting.

whenever you have a spare note by your side, just cross the number & put it into the saving box, without even noticing you will start to cross the numbers one by one and realize - that you have reached your goal!


Develop Saving Habits

Saving is important to learn even from teenage years, starting from a younger age can create a saving habit that will stay for your whole life

using our box can create a challenge to cross all numbers to your family members, which creates fun in saving!


Reach Your Goals

With our saving box, you can set specific financial goals, such as saving for a vacation, paying off debt, or building an emergency fund.

by using your spare bills you will reach your objective without even noticing it!

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Customer Reviews

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Ardella Sawayn

Equal to the image, easy to mount and comes with the ball pen

Jeromy Hickle

Is phenomenal,🤩🤩Is also ideal to be able to continue reusing, and

Emery Hand


Bridie Connelly

Very nice piggy bank

Jesus Hoppe

Good quality